How to improve the performance of mold processing equipment

- Aug 01, 2017-

1. Mold processing die steel material hardness is high, requires mold processing equipment with thermal stability, high reliability.


2.The fine processing of mold processing equipment to the complex, more efficient and more interesting. High-speed milling with the processing of high hard materials, processing a smooth, cutting force is small, the workpiece temperature deformation and many other advantages of mold enterprises to pay more attention to high-speed processing.


3. processing technology and green product technology will be in the enterprise procurement equipment into the scope of consideration within the scope of electrical processing machine radiation, media selection will be safe, environmental impact factors.


4. the complex cavity and multi-functional composite mold, with the shape of the complex parts, we must improve the mold design and manufacturing level, a variety of trenches, a variety of materials in a set of molds or assembled into components Function composite mold, requires a large number of processing program programming, with deep hole integrated cutting capacity and high stability, improve the processing difficulty.


5. high dynamic accuracy. Machine manufacturer's static performance (such as repeat positioning accuracy, linear feed rate) in the mold three-dimensional surface processing, can not reflect the actual processing situation. Mold three-dimensional surface of high-precision machining, but also put forward the requirements of high dynamic accuracy performance, high-speed and high precision but also in the machine's high rigidity, thermal stability, high reliability and high-quality control system can be achieved.


6. a variety of measurement technology, composite applications, high-speed measurement and reverse engineering to promote the mold to participate in product development, design technology development.


7. mold forming parts of the large-scale and high productivity parts require a multi-cavity, resulting in increasing the size of the mold, large tonnage of large mold up to 100 tons, a few hundreds of cavity, thousands of cavity, require mold processing equipment Large table, increase the Y axis Z axis travel, large load, high rigidity, high consistency.

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