How to judge the quality of extruded plastic molds

- Nov 06, 2018-

First, we must look at the thickness of this mold when choosing, although the mold does not need to use too much force, or other harsh environment, but due to the phenomenon of mold and demoulding often encountered, the plastic mold will be very Easy, problems such as loss, deformation, etc. The basis for solving these problems is to widen the thickness of the mold. Therefore, in the process of selecting the mold, we can analyze the quality of the mold from the thickness.

Second, look at the specifications of the extrusion die, the good mold can control the size of the extruded plastic products produced in the error of a few millimeters, and the inferior mold often produces a product error of several millimeters or even A few centimeters.

Third, look at the material and workmanship of the entire mold, good mold should be very smooth inside and outside, look shiny, and feels slightly moist, hand inferior mold may have burrs or pits on the surface, the two It is to stand tall.

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