Injection mold

- Nov 23, 2016-

Is a manufacturer of plastic products for plastic injection mould tools is also giving structure and precise plastic products full size tool. Injection molding is used to mass production of certain parts of the complex shape of a processing method. Specifically refers to heated to melt the material by a high pressure into mold cavity, cured by cooling, be molded.

Injection mold according to forming characteristics distinguish for thermosetting plastic mold, and thermoplastic plastic mold two species; according to forming process distinguish for biography plastic die, and blow plastic die, and cast plastic die, and hot forming die, and hot die (pressure plastic die), and injection die,, which hot die to spill material way and can is divided into spill type, and half spill type, and not spill type three species, injection die to pouring system and can is divided into cold flow road die, and heat road die two species; to by handling way can is divided into mobile type, and fixed type two species.

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