Injection mold Association

- Nov 23, 2016-

1, thermal equilibrium control, injection mold injection machine and die of heat conduction is the production of injection molded parts of the key. The mold and is made of plastic (thermoplastics) caused by radiative heat transfer of heat to the material and die steels, by convective pass heat conductive. In addition, the heat is passed through thermal radiation into the atmosphere, and mold. Absorbed by the heat-conducting heat away by the mold temperature machine. Tools for thermal equilibrium can be described as: P=Pm-Ps. Heat temperature taken modulo p; The heat introduced by Pm plastic; Ps for die heat released into the atmosphere.

2, prerequisites for effective controlling mold temperature temperature control system by mould, die temperature, thermal conductivity is composed of three parts. In order to ensure that the heat added to the mold or the removal of, different parts of the system must meet the following conditions: the first is in the mold cooling channel surface area must be large enough and runner diameter to match the pump capacity (pump pressure). Cavity temperature distribution of deformation and internal pressures have a big impact. Reasonable cooling channel reduces inner pressure, so as to improve the quality of injection molded parts. It can also reduce the cycle time, reduce product cost. Followed by the mold temperature must be able to make heat conductive fluid within the temperature constant at 1-3 ° c, depending on the quality requirements of injection molded parts. Third, heat-conducting must have good thermal conductivity, and most importantly, to be able to import or export a large amount of heat in a short time. From a thermodynamic point of view, water is better than oil.

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