It is the essence of the development of mold industry in China

- Aug 10, 2017-

      In recent years, the mold industry by the international financial crisis, the emergence of a global market shrinking. Experts believe that the biggest strengths and strengths lies in both private enterprises, but also traditional industries. Into the high-end market, can not do without high-tech. On the other hand, although the presence of foreign mold enterprises will intensify the competition of domestic mold to a certain extent, but these high-end mold enterprises settled from another point of view to promote the domestic competition awareness of the mold, which will increase the technology Improve the overall mold manufacturing level.

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      In particular, the management, to break the mold industry in China due to industrial scale, industrial structure and other unreasonable management malpractice, the introduction of advanced management methods and management personnel, and gradually eradicate the management of China's mold industry ills. In this regard, China's mold industry to actively learn from foreign advanced management methods, learn the essence, to promote China's mold industry in the future better development

     Rising in the Chinese mold industry needs to continue to carry out technological reform, management reform, in order to get forward momentum. In terms of technology, China's mold industry needs to vigorously carry out technical research and development, continue to draw foreign advanced mold production technology, and in the original technology on the basis of digestion and absorption, the second innovation.

      At present, domestic private mold enterprises generally have advanced equipment resources, technology application is more advanced, new technology can be widely used in the industry, rapid, from design and manufacturing to related materials production, heat treatment, the formation of industrial chain, integrated advantages. The current hardware mold enterprises due to lack of funds and lack of own brand, metal mold enterprises will increase the management and technological transformation of investment, expand the proportion of high-end two-color mold products, and set up domestic sales departments, and actively expand the domestic market.

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