Main factors affecting the hardness of mold parts

- Nov 26, 2018-

1. Strong toughness

Most of the working conditions of the mold are very bad, and some often suffer from a large impact load, resulting in brittle fracture. In order to prevent the mold parts from suddenly breaking during work, the mold must have high strength and toughness. The toughness of the mold depends mainly on the carbon content, grain size and microstructure of the material.

2, wear resistance; mold accessories

When the blank is plastically denatured in the mold cavity, it flows and slides along the surface of the cavity, causing severe friction between the surface of the cavity and the blank, which causes the mold to fail due to wear. Therefore, the wear resistance of the material is one of the most basic and important properties of the mold.

3, fatigue fracture performance

During the working process, the mold parts often cause fatigue fracture under the long-term effect of cyclic stress. The form has small energy multiple impact fatigue fracture, tensile fatigue fracture contact fatigue fracture and bending fatigue fracture.

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