Mold industry to accelerate the pace of transformation, the future development prospects can be expected

- Jun 27, 2017-

     Recently, in Shanghai, "2017 China International Mold Technology and Equipment Exhibition" to "promote lean and co-manufacturing, the development of mold and forming technology" as the theme, will be 60,000 square meters of the exhibition site into a mold industry today " Fine, automation, information technology, integration, networking, intelligent "and" big classroom. " Mold known as "the mother of industry," said.


     As an important basic technology in the manufacture of equipment, mold industry level is a measure of the level of a country's manufacturing level is an important symbol of manufacturing products optimization, industrial upgrading of the important support. If there is no high level of mold, there is no high level of manufacturing, no more industrial products and consumer goods diversity. How to make the "mother of industry" as "efficiency amplifier", is today "Made in China" is an important issue.

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    According to the exhibition organizers China Mold Industry Association statistics, in 2016, the Chinese mold market size of 223 billion yuan, supporting about 25 trillion yuan from the related products manufacturing industry, the mold industry, "Made in China" to "Made in China" Transformation has played a huge role, and the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry for the mold industry has provided a huge space for development.


    Statistics show that in 2016, China's auto industry, the amount of mold up to 68 billion yuan, the introduction of new models around 100, local replacement of more than 200 models, 95% of the auto parts from the mold development completed; home appliance industry mold consumption of 17 billion Yuan, 90% of the home appliance parts for the mold parts; to smart phones as the representative of the electronic information manufacturing mold consumption of 80 billion yuan, 80% of the parts for the mold parts. In addition, the mold support China's communications equipment, aerospace, urban rail transit, medical equipment and other manufacturing industries to achieve rapid growth.


    In 2016, China through the mold made of about 80 million tons of metal products, and CNC machining through the number of metal products processed; and the annual 75 million tons of plastic products and about 600 million tons of rubber products, the basic mold manufacturing The According to reports, nearly 1,000 exhibitors from Switzerland, Japan, Germany, South Korea, Italy, France and other nearly 20 countries and regions, of which half of the exhibitors for the Chinese enterprises, the relevant exhibits show that China's mold industry to maintain steady development On the basis of further upgrading of transformation and upgrading, improve the efficiency of the prospects can be expected.

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