Plastic electronic products, two-color mold widely used

- Sep 04, 2017-

    The new market into a lot of mobile plastic electronic products are basically used in two-color mold , injection molding process, mobile plastic electronic products using two-color mold injection processing technology is not only beautiful and feel good. In fact, the beginning of the button to move, is the most extreme embodiment of this process, this two-color mold, injection molding process to create products, not only can achieve a beautiful effect, touch the feel will be better, we certainly Deep experience, the price of related products is also very high.


    For many people, the two-color mold, injection processing to help their own busy, but also a major breakthrough in the relevant industries. Hope that we can pay more attention to this process, in the near future, will certainly give you a greater surprise. In fact, when the plastic products processing, the accuracy of the mold is also very high requirements. Everyone in the use of new two-color mold, injection molding process, the first shot, then turn the mold 180 degrees and then the second shot

Application of Two - color Mold Injection Molding in Mobile Phone Battery


    We usually use the mobile phone, remove the battery, exposed to the plastic, are generally different colors, this product in the processing time, it is necessary to have a special two-color mold, injection processing. Generally in the Lee q with this two-color mold, injection molding process, the finished product, there may be a color, but want to be their favorite color, sometimes it is a way to do a color The

Two-color mold injection molding process is widely used


    In fact, a lot of car lights used in the construction process, that is, in recent years, emerging two-color mold, injection processing. In fact, the embodiment of this process is to make the product when the original processing, with two different colors. Products specifically in the processing time, the procedures involved are still more complex. For many people, this two-color mold, injection molding process is a very wide range of applications, the general electronic products is the most commonly used.

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