Plastic mold ranking

- Nov 30, 2018-

The process of plastic mold aligning is a very comprehensive work. You must design and process the feeding method, the parting surface, the distribution technique of the thimble, the appearance requirements of the product, and generally require some common defects of the engineer. I understand that I can do this. However, in general, there will be a mold review in the factory, and meetings will be held to analyze the products and identify some big problems.

1.When you receive a product to design a mold, the first thing to consider is the location and method of the glue.

The glue is again affected by a few holes and whether the product is a cosmetic part. There are also one out of one, usually big or strange shape; the best thing to do is one out of two, this method is most suitable for the side of the big mouth into the glue or diving into the glue; followed by one out of four out Four is the two one out and two plus, but this should consider the length of the flow channel, and the appropriate degree can not only save material but also make the glue go smoothly; one out of six one out eight, one out of sixteen can be said to be The evolution of one out of four. When designing the flow path, the upper flow path is 25% larger than the next flow path. In addition, if the product is an appearance part, the glue cannot be used on the side of the large nozzle for a long time, which will damage the appearance. At this time, it is more common to use glue and dive on the thimble. However, the practice of diving on the thimble should be careful, sometimes the surface of the product will flush.

2, the design of the parting surface.

The first step in making a parting surface is to check the undercut problem. When making the parting surface, we must also consider the structure, the strength and feasibility of the structure, the good processing of the parting surface, and the processing capacity of the factory. Try to use a curved parting surface with a flat parting surface.

3, above these you are sure, you can determine the size of the mold. At this time, the view of the product map should be completed, it must be 1:1. Then copy and mirror and multiply by the shrinkage of the product. Next we will use the mirrored and multiplied graph to rank. We use one out of two to explain that if there is a second, there will be a flow path between the two products. How is the length of the flow path determined? Generally, the mouth is at the center of the mold, so the distance between the two products. At least the next nozzle must be placed and the strength of the steel to the glue position is guaranteed.

4, so the size is determined, the next step is the detailed work, improve the mold embryo, do the exhaust of the inner mold.

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