Plastic mold steel

- Sep 07, 2020-

plastic mold

Plastic mold steel is a type of mold steel used for making plastics.Plastic mold materials are mainly mold steel. The development of mold steel has promoted the development of industrial products to the direction of advanced, diversified, personalized and high added value.All over the world, the output of die steel is counted into alloy tool steel, which accounts for about 70% ~ 80% of alloy tool steel.

With the application of plastic products in industry and daily life more and more widely, the demand of plastic mold industry for mold steel is also increasing.
In the plastic forming process, the quality of the mold to the product quality assurance role is self-evident.
Plastic mold has been to the direction of precision, large and multi-cavity development, the performance of plastic mold steel is more and more high, the performance of plastic mold steel should be based on the type of plastic, product use, production batch, dimensional precision and surface quality requirements.

The material selection is very important in mold design.

(1) For the production of small batch products of the mold can choose general materials to reduce the cost of the mold; But for poor strength, easy to damage the mold, mold material or to choose a better material, although the mold processing cost increased, but the life of the mold increased, relative to the total cost is reduced.

(2) Plastic products are becoming more and more diversified in size, complex in shape and beautiful in surface decoration, which leads to the development of plastic mold towards diversification, complication, precision and multi-cavity.The special steel for new plastic mould has good mechanical property, machining property and mirror polishing property, so it should be emphasized to adopt new plastic mould steel while improving the design and processing level of the mould.

(3)Domestic development of new plastic mould materials and the performance of life has been at or near the foreign advanced level, greatly promote the perfection of the our country steel material series, but the number of promotion and application of new steel scope also is not big enough, so need promoting high purity, high precision, high uniformity and stable quality of new plastic mould materials

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