Plastic mold test mode before the preparation

- Jul 18, 2017-

① Mold preheating mold preheating methods generally have two: First, the use of the mold itself, the cooling water hole, access to hot water for heating. Second, the external heating method, the cast aluminum heating plate is installed in the mold outside, from outside to inside the heating, this method of heating fast, but the consumption of large. For small and medium-sized mold, no mold preheating is required. 

② Heating of the barrel and the nozzle according to the process parameters recommended in the process parameters of the barrel and nozzle heating, and mold preheating at the same time. 

③ Selection and adjustment of process parameters According to the recommended process parameters in the process manual, the temperature, pressure and time parameters are adjusted, and the process parameters are adjusted according to the order of pressure, time and temperature. 

④ Test injection plastic in the barrel when the plastic and mold to reach the preheating temperature, you can try injection molding, plastic parts to observe the quality defects, analysis of the causes of defects, adjust the process parameters and other technical parameters, until the best condition. During the injection molding process, the mold state and process parameters should be recorded in detail, and the unqualified mold should be repaired in time.


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