Popular exquisite beauty apparatus

- Sep 18, 2020-

Popular Exquisite Beauty Device

Anion beauty device

Anion cosmetology instrument is the use of ultrasonic anion atomization technology, water into fog, and release the amount of anion.

Can make the pores open and promote blood circulation, achieve the most effective daily facial beauty hydration, really play the role of nutrition and deep cleansing, for facial acne, blackhead skin can do a more thorough cleaning and maintenance.

Photon skin tenderizer

The photon rejuvenation instrument is a patent technology product of strong pulse photon with a special wavelength of wide spectrum.Its therapeutic effect on vascular and pigmented lesions has been widely recognized by the society.After 4~6 times of photon rejuvenation treatment, satisfactory results can be obtained.Photon tender skin can also remove wrinkles, treatment of the skin appears erythema, with the overall uniform beauty effect.

With the improvement of people's living standard, young people are more in pursuit of high-quality life, convenient and functional beauty equipment more and more popular.The demand for advanced beauty apparatus is growing, and the production requirements for this kind of products are also getting higher and higher.First of all, the plastic shell of the beauty device must satisfy the aesthetic taste of young people and function well.After a beauty instrument is designed by a professional designer, it is necessary to find an experienced injection mold factory to evaluate the shell of the beauty instrument , the plastic parts of beauty device achieve both aesthetic and functional perfection

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