Precision injection mold

- Apr 17, 2020-


  1. brief introduction

Precision injection mold refers to the device that the resin material is injected into the metal model to obtain the products with a certain shape.

In fact, in order to control the temperature of the mold, there are cooling holes and heaters on the mold to make the coolant pass through.

The material that has become the melt enters the main channel, passes through the diverter channel, the gate shoots into the mold cavity.

After the cooling phase, open the mold, the ejector device on the molding machine will eject the ejector bar and push the product out.

The forming product is composed of the main channel which makes the melt resin flow into, and the shunting channel which guides the melt resin into the mold cavity.

We usually design the shunts to be of equal length.

The use of feedbacks in the main channel and flow channel is not a product, sometimes will be discarded or crushed after the use of molding materials.

We call it feedback.

The feed back is generally not used as a molding material alone, is usually used after mixing with the new material.

This is because after a molding, the mechanical properties of the resin, liquidity, color and other characteristics will change.

  2. extend

Precision injection molding refers to that the outer precision of injection products should meet strict dimensional tolerance, geometric tolerance and surface roughness.

There are many related conditions for precise injection molding, and the four essential factors are plastic materials, injection molds, injection process and injection equipment.

When designing plastic products, engineering plastic materials should be selected first, and the engineering plastics that can carry out precise injection must choose those materials with high mechanical properties, stable dimensions, good resistance to creep and resistance to environmental stress cracking.

Next should according to the choice of plastic material, finished product size precision, piece weight, quality requirements and the anticipated mold structure to choose the appropriate injection molding machine

   3. application

1. Quick die manufacturing rapid molding technology molding cycle is short, the craft is simple, easy to promote, the cost is low, the precision and service life can meet the requirements of a particular function, the comprehensive economic benefit is good, is a quick, convenient and practical mold manufacturing technology, especially suitable for new product development, manufacture, process validation and functional verification and multiple varieties and small batch production.

2. Rapid manufacturing technology of precision injection mold.

3. Precision injection molding technology.

Through reasonably determine the size of the mould and tolerance, to prevent injection molding products, plastic shrinkage error caused deformation, demoulding deformation, overflow edge, etc., and measures to ensure precision of mould technology, and the right of precision injection molding process, applicable engineering plastic material and precision injection molding equipment, to achieve the best match.

At present, at least half of the high precision injection moulds used in China are imported from abroad.

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