Precision Plastic Mold Aligning Process

- Nov 13, 2018-

Technology is a comprehensive and powerful job. You must know how to do with some common product defects such as glue, thimble, parting surface design and processing, process distribution, and product appearance requirements. First of all, when you receive a mold design product, the first thing to consider is the location and method of injection molding. Glue is also affected by the number of holes and the appearance of the product. One is also, it is usually a large or strange shape; the best way is to make one of these two materials, which is the best way to make side glue or diving glue. 

One quarter of a second, one quarter of a quarter, add up, but consider the length of the flow channel, the appropriate degree can not only save material, but also make the glue smooth; one-sixth of a sixth, One-sixth of one-sixth is a quarter of evolution. At the time of design, the upper runner is 25% larger than the lower runner. In addition, if the product is part of a cosmetic, the side adhesive cannot be used for a long time and will damage the appearance. At this time, more points went into the practice of glue and diving. But be careful when diving on the thimble. Second, the fractal surface design. The first thing to do when doing the parting is to check the reverse button. 

When making the parting surface, we must consider the structure, strength and feasibility of the structure, whether the parting surface is good, and the processing capacity of our factory. Try to use a smooth parting surface and use fewer parting surfaces. Third, after you have determined all of the above, you can determine the size of the mold core. At this point, the required view of the product map is generated. Must be 1:1. Then copy the image multiplied by the amount of shrinkage of the product.

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