Production Injection Molding

- Jul 17, 2020-

What is an injection mold for production?

The production of injection moulds is built to withstand a high plastic injection cycle.
They are made of P20 steel or NK80 stainless steel and can normally be used over 100,000 cycles.
In addition, we provide a lifetime warranty for the molds.
As long as we continue to manufacture your parts in our factories, we will maintain and repair the tools at our own expense as needed.

Can I change the design of the production mould?

Yes, we can change the design of the production mould with guolan mould.
A mould engineer from Guolan will coordinate with you to change the CAD files and rework the mould accordingly.
Before production, you will receive the revised sample for your approval.
We provide professional project managers and engineers for your injection molding production.

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