Quality control points in the manufacture of plastic molds

- Sep 27, 2017-

    In recent years, many of the mold industry, machinery and equipment sales are declining, but the mold testing equipment, such as 2.5 yuan, three-dimensional detector and other testing equipment is growing, showing that the quality of the plastic mold manufacturers is the necessary direction of reform The But what is the quality of plastic mold is done out or detected it? After many years of exploration, continuous learning, Guolan concluded: to ensure that the quality of molds, plastic mold manufacturing quality control is the key to mold manufacturing quality.

plastic injection mold testing equipment.jpg

    With the gradual saturation of the market, the market demand is getting smaller and smaller, the product of the individual requirements are getting higher and higher, the plastic mold factory is a low price to win the era has gone! New technology start-up companies where they stand, in addition to their technological innovation and breakthrough, followed by all aspects of product quality requirements compared to the past is more stringent, which also promote the quality of the entire manufacturing industry reform, plastic mold manufacturing as industrial Mother, standing on the cusp on the face of the opportunities and challenges coexist, only self-training internal work, out of old equipment investment precision equipment, the introduction of advanced management mechanism from the processing and manufacturing links in strict control, in order to effectively improve the quality of the mold.

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