Size Control Technology For Injection Molds And Injection Molding Products

- Nov 02, 2018-

Due to the wide market demand for molds and mold products, there are many kinds of changes, such as shape, size, material, structure and other aspects, and the requirements are high, which makes us encounter many problems and difficulties in the production process of molds and products. How to effectively control the geometry of the mold and product is also very intuitive to us. There are different control techniques and methods for different types of molds and products. Here we talk about the molding size control of injection molding products. When it comes to injection molding products, we must talk about injection molding. In general, plastic mold companies start from the following aspects.

A:Mold design control

1.First of all, we must fully understand the technical requirements of the mold structure, material, hardness, precision, etc., including whether the shrinkage rate of the formed plastic material is correct, whether the 3D size of the product is complete, and reasonable processing analysis.

2. Full consideration should be given to various places that have an influence on the appearance of shrinkage, flow marks, draft inclination, weld lines and cracks of injection molded products.

3. Simplify the processing method of the mold as much as possible without impeding the function of the injection molded product and the shape of the pattern.

B:Process manufacturing control

Although comprehensive consideration and arrangement have been carried out in the design stage, there are still many problems and difficulties in actual production. We should try our best to meet the original intention of the design in production and find out that the actual processing is more effective and more economical. Craftsmanship.

1. Select economical machine tools for 2D and 3D processing.

2, can also consider the appropriate fixtures for auxiliary preparation in production, the rational use of the tool, to prevent deformation of the product parts, to prevent fluctuations in the shrinkage of the product parts, to prevent demoulding deformation of the product parts, improve the precision of mold manufacturing, reduce Small errors, prevent mold accuracy changes, etc., a series of production process requirements and solutions.

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