The Advantages and Disadvantages of ABS Plastics and Their Forming Properties

- Jul 11, 2017-

ABS plastic is now widely used in industrial production, the reason is its own characteristics, it will PS, SAN, BS various properties organically unified, both tough, hard, just equal balance of excellent mechanical properties The So, in the practical application process, ABS shortcomings and what is it?

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First of all, simply talk about the characteristics of ABS plastic, its comprehensive performance is better, with a high impact strength, chemical stability, good electrical properties, in addition, ABS plastic also has a high impact, high heat resistance, Transparent level, even if the liquidity is relatively poor compared to HIPS, but better than PMMA, PC, good flexibility.

First, the advantages of ABS plastic:

1.ABS plastic This plastic material has a better dyeing performance, it can be quickly stained, but also with the plexiglass good weldability, made of two-color plastic parts, can be chrome-plated surface, paint treatment,

2.ABS plastic This plastic material is a very hard material, but also because of this feature, so that this ABS plastic can be in many industries, as well as in many areas can be widely used, and later everyone Will also find, ABS plastic this plastic material is actually has a very great advantage.

3.ABS plastic This plastic material also has a characteristic, that is very easy to burn, so that relatively speaking, if you use this material, then it will give you a more secure feeling.

4.ABS plastic This plastic material impact resistance, in fact, is also very good, this material is also full of luster on the surface.

Second, ABS plastic shortcomings:

Although ABS raw materials have their own advantages, but it is poor in the resistance to dissolution, and its thermal deformation temperature is low, flammable, weatherability is poor, so the need for ABS materials have a certain understanding of the advantages and disadvantages, in order to more Good application to the actual work area.

Third, ABS plastic molding characteristics:

1. Amorphous material, medium mobility, moisture absorption, must be fully dry, the surface requirements of the plastic parts should be a long time preheat dry 80-90 degrees, 3 hours;

2. To take high material temperature, high mold temperature, but the material temperature is too high easy to break down (decomposition temperature of> 270 degrees), the higher precision plastic parts, mold temperature should take 50-60 degrees, high gloss, Thermoplastic parts, mold temperature should take 60-80 degrees;

3, if you need to solve the folder water, need to improve the fluidity of materials, to take high temperature, high mold temperature, or change into the water level and other methods;

4, such as the formation of heat-resistant grade or flame retardant grade material, the production of 3-7 days after the mold surface will be residual plastic decomposition products, resulting in mold surface shiny, the need for timely cleaning of the mold, while the mold surface to increase the exhaust location.

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