The difference between hot runner mold and ordinary runner mold

- Nov 01, 2018-

The hot runner is a gating system. In our mold making, if there is no customer specified, the ordinary runner is generally used. This is because the cost of the hot runner is increased and the price reported to the customer is relatively increased, so the hot runner will be used unless it is specified by the customer or the product is required.

The working principle of the heat flow (pour) is actually to ensure that the flow (casting) and gate plastics remain molten by heating (using electric heating tubes - spring heating rings - heating hoses, etc.).

Advantages of the heat flow (pouring) system:

Saving raw materials and reducing product cost are the most prominent features of hot runner molds. In the ordinary casting system, a large number of handles are generated, and in the production of small products, the weight of the pouring system aggregate may exceed the weight of the product. Since the plastic is always in a molten state in the hot-flow (casting) mold, the product does not need to be trimmed, and basically no waste processing, so that a large amount of raw materials can be saved. Since no waste recycling, selection, crushing, dyeing and other processes are required, labor saving, time saving, energy saving and consumption reduction are required.

Since the injection material is no longer incorporated into the repeatedly processed gate material, the product quality can be significantly improved, and at the same time, since the pouring system plastic remains molten and the pressure loss during flow is small, it is easy to realize multi-gate and multi-cavity molds. And low pressure injection of large products. The hot gate facilitates the pressure transmission, and can overcome the defects such as depression, shrinkage, deformation and the like formed by the plastic parts due to insufficient feeding.

Compared with ordinary flow channel molds, hot runner molds have the advantages of high injection efficiency, good quality of molded parts and material saving. With the development of polymer industry, hot runner technology is constantly developing and perfecting, and its application range is also coming. The more extensive.

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