The Importance Of Injection Processing Pulse Power Supply

- Nov 15, 2018-

When we are using EDM molds, the voltage applied between the workpiece and the electrode must be a pulsed voltage, otherwise it will become a continuous arc during discharge.

The so-called pulse power supply we often say is actually a common electrical circuit or a special electrical device that we use in daily life. It can continuously generate pulse energy voltage with sufficient energy. Its role is to transform various power frequency AC power into a unidirectional pulse current of a certain frequency we need, and provide enough energy to remove the metal to meet the requirements.

Pulse power supply has a great influence on the technical and economic indicators such as production efficiency, processing speed, surface quality and electrode loss of EDM.

EDM has the following common basic requirements for pulsed power supply: 1 must provide sufficient pulse discharge energy to produce; 2 pulse voltage must be one-way pulse; 3 pulse parameters must have a wide adjustment range; 4 safety performance must Reliable, it must be very simple and convenient to operate, and it is convenient to maintain the equipment.

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