The Requirement of Injection Mold for Stripping Mechanism

- Jul 18, 2017-

1. To ensure that the plastic parts are not deformed damage to the correct analysis of plastic parts and mold parts of the adhesion between the size, in order to select the appropriate mold release and the top part of the release force distribution reasonable. As the plastic parts in the mold cavity cooling shrink when tightening the core, so the role of stripping force should be located in the plastic parts as far as possible on the core of the strong force, while stripping force should be applied in the plastic parts strength, stiffness High parts, such as flanges, ribs, etc., the role of the area should be as large as possible, so as not to damage the product. 

2. Plastic parts look good different stripping mechanism, different top position, the appearance of the plastic parts of the impact is different, in order to meet the appearance of plastic parts, design stripping mechanism, should be based on the appearance of plastic parts, select the appropriate The form of the stripping mechanism and the ejector position. 

3. Reliable structure of the structure should be reliable, with sufficient strength, stiffness, flexibility, processing, easy to replace.


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