The structure of the two-color mold

- Oct 11, 2017-

Two-color mold is currently on the market more popular a product, because it can produce a variety of colors beautiful plastic products and widely favored by consumers in the design of two-color mold is also a lot of high demand high standards, so In order to ensure that the final design of the two-color mold structure perfect standard.

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1. The basic principles of two-color mode design:


(1) hard glue to do 1, soft to do 2 times;

(2) transparent to do 1, non-transparent to do 2 times;

(3) the high molding temperature of the plastic to do 1, the molding temperature is low to do 2 times; the above is to do the basic principle of two-color mode, otherwise the mold will be white; In addition, the sealant as far as possible by breaking sealant, Breaking sealant, even if it is recommended to modify the product customers should try to rely on broken sealant.


 2. Molded embryo guide column guide sleeve must be up and down symmetry, before and after the mold symmetry.


3. After the mold to rotate 180 degrees, before the mold does not move.


 4. Product spacing must be the distance between the nozzle of the injection molding machine shall prevail, some foreign color injection molding machine nozzle spacing is adjustable, and some are not adjustable, the domestic non-adjustable.


 5. Two separate ejection systems, the top stick is two. After the two models of the same mold, thimble are the same, is a rotating relationship, must not be made a translation relationship.


 6. Thimble needle plate can only be reset with a spring, can not be forced to reset the screw, because the back mold to rotate.


 7. The side locks must be on the four sides of the center of the mold, and the front and rear molds are symmetrical, otherwise the rear mold rotates after 180 and the front mold is not on.


8. If the distance between the glue point and the nozzle of the injection molding machine is different, the top hole to be made of the waist type, because the injection molding machine head rod spacing is not adjustable. Note that most of the domestic color injection molding machine nozzle is not adjustable.


 9. Note that the direction of the parallel nozzle of the injection molding machine provided by the customer is the X-axis or Y-axis, in order to determine the layout of the product ranking.


10. The direction of water entering and leaving the water must be on the side of heaven and earth, and each of the water and water must be on the same side, not into the water in the day, the water on the ground side, because the posterior mold to rotate 180 degrees, Size can not exceed the height of the injection molding machine outlet, or can not access water.


11. The first injection of the product to be placed on the non-operating side, because the first injection after the product to rotate 180 degrees for the second injection, just to the operation side, easy to take the product.


12. The mold code of the exit mold is not on the side of the operation and the non-operation side, because their products are fully automatic.



    Two-color mold generally have "convex shift" and "punch rotation" two structural forms.


First, the punch shift.


The "punch-like" mold has two dies with a punch. When the first barrel is shot, the punch is closed with the first die. Complete the first plastic injection.

After the first plastic is solidified, the concave and punch are separated, and the semi-finished product formed by the first plastic stays in the punch and moves with the punch to the position of the second die.

After the injection molding machine is closed, the second cartridge is injected with the second plastic.

After the second plastic solidification, the injection molding machine opens the mold and takes out the complete product.


Second, punch rotation.


The two-color injection mold in the form of a "swivel" has two dies and a punch formed by two back-to-back, which can be rotated.

Equipped with both sides of the injection molding machine has two barrels, the second cylinder is best designed in the vertical direction of the direction of the injection molding machine. Can be injected at the same time two different plastic. When the injection of two kinds of plastic solidification, the injection molding machine to open and automatically eject the complete product.

After removing the product, the "rotatable punch" turns 180 degrees.

The injection molding machine is closed and the next cycle is carried out.

Since the first and second cylinders of the "punching" mode are in turn injected, the first and second cylinders of the "punch rotation" mode are simultaneously injected. So, the same product, with the "punch rotation" mode of production efficiency is "punch shift" mode production of 2 times.

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