The Trend of Network Development of Plastic Mold Market

- Aug 01, 2017-

In this society, plastic mold factory market use of network marketing and e-commerce, to achieve the mechanical hardware mold industry, a new attitude of information technology. In the supply chain technology innovation of the new product supply chain of plastic mold, the professional market sponsor or the e-commerce platform provider can automatically match the buyers and sellers, match the transaction, and can use the computer's powerful computing power and the instant messaging function of the Internet network. To the supply and demand information to sort, integration, set a small order for large-scale orders, through a series of plastic mold products supply and demand sides were trading, access to the largest scale effect. Logistics function innovation Compared with the radical logistics, modern logistics has the characteristics of management systematization, transportation rationalization, warehousing automation, standardization of packaging service, loading and unloading mechanization, distribution and integration information network. The new industrial production mold, the radical professional market, many industrial institutions will be integrated into the modern industrial workshop within the distribution center, operators only need to transport plastic molds to the logistics center, unified coordination and management, Picking up, circulation processing gathered to the corresponding route sent to the consignment point, which will help shorten the circulation time, carry out the plastic mold products, modern trade transactions, reduce social stock and circulation costs and so on. Which will make the professional market, the traditional pair of many of the more complex transactions evolved into a one-to-one simple transactions, buyers and sellers only need all aspects of supply and demand information uploaded to the e-commerce network platform provider can be greatly reduced market risk, Trading interest dropped significantly.


  In a wide range of social applications of plastic molds, most of the plants are gradually moving from loose and extensive operations management and transaction-based radical models to a new market organization and business model that gathers innovative elements. Seeking to transform, and strive to innovative services, strengthen their own brand characteristics become more and more mechanical hardware mold professional market consensus and pursuit. Mechanical hardware mold professional market as a producer services for industrial enterprises to provide comprehensive services, covering customers non-core business needs, to achieve product management scale, intensive, information technology. Give full play to its multi-service function, from the professional market to a comprehensive market changes. Transaction mode and market form innovation E-commerce to promote the tangible market transaction process of electronic, network and market form of virtualization, diversification. Domestic hardware and mechanical mold industry's first mobile Internet e-commerce platform Jin Tong Tong, through this platform, the market buyers and sellers will be the traditional spot transactions to look through the domestic mechanical hardware mold professional market.


  The future of plastic mold e-commerce era and the radical professional market will be fixed venues and trade names, compared to sales patterns throughout the year, you can save a lot of spending, and can exceed the constraints of time and space, quickly gathered a large number of transactions and various types of information, Able to attract and gather many international sellers. Through the online virtual display, with the infinite expansion of the intangible market, but also increase the tangible market product information scalability and transparency.

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