USB Power Extension Board

- Sep 09, 2020-

Power Extension Board with USB port

power extension board (customize available)

power extension board

power extension board (black)

Our daily life become more and more convenient with the power extension board. Every family basically has one or more power extension boardS. But if you not use the power extension board properly, it will bring security risks to our life.

1.The power extension board you choose must have a safety door.

Most brands have safety doors to prevent children from sticking their fingers or anything else into the inserts with dire consequences.

2.The power extension board you choose must be certified. (e.g. CCC)

The full name of China's 3C certification is: "compulsory product certification system".3C certification is a product certification adopted by the Chinese government to protect consumers' personal safety and national safety, strengthen quality control, and enforce laws and regulations.Now, all power extension boards used in China have to pass 3C certification before they can be sold and used.

3. You should be careful not to overload the power extension board

If you overload the power extension board , it will overheat, increase the temperature, deform, and even catch fire.

4. You should not connect multiple power extension boards, because there are too many connected appliances, which may easily cause short circuit, damage fuse, and greatly increase the probability of electrical accidents.

We must regularly fix the number of electrical appliances used, regularly check the socket problem, if the power extension board burned but can still use, you must give up using it.

If you have interested in Power extension board, and you want to develop your own products, welcome to contact us-GUOLAN, We are qualified to produce power sockets, transfer switches and power switches. Moreover we can open mold and plastic molding, so the cost will lower. You can contact us to cooperate with each other.

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