What factors will affect the plastic mold processing accuracy?

- Aug 01, 2017-

As we all know, high quality products, high natural market prices on our plastic products, in the manufacturing process, the accuracy of the control is the key to its quality lies. So, what factors will affect the plastic mold processing accuracy?


The main factors that affect the precision of plastic mold processing are:

1, dimensional accuracy, refers to the actual size of parts after processing and parts of the tolerance of the center with the degree of compliance.

Dimensional accuracy is controlled by dimensional tolerances. Dimensional tolerance is the amount of change in the size of the part in the mold. In the case of the same basic size, the smaller the dimensional tolerance and the smaller the dimensional accuracy.

2, the shape of precision, refers to the mold after the Dongguan mold parts of the actual geometry and the ideal geometric shape of the degree of compliance.

Accuracy of the shape of the project has a straightness, flatness, roundness, cylindrical degree, line contours and other 6 items. Shape accuracy is controlled by the shape of the tolerance, the shape of the tolerance, in addition to roundness, cylindrical degree of 13 precision levels, the rest are divided into 12 precision levels. Level 1 highest, lowest 12 level.

3, the location accuracy, refers to the Huangjiang mold after processing parts of the actual position between the accuracy of the difference.

The items with the accuracy of the position are parallelism, verticality, inclination, coaxiality, symmetry, position degree, round beating and full beating. Position accuracy is controlled by position tolerance, and the position tolerance of each item is also divided into 12 precision levels.

4, dimensional accuracy, shape accuracy and position accuracy of the relationship

Usually in the design of machine parts and specified parts processing accuracy, should pay attention to the shape error control in the position tolerance, the position error should be less than the dimensional tolerance. That is, precision parts or parts of the important surface, the shape accuracy requirements should be higher than the position accuracy requirements, position accuracy requirements should be higher than the dimensional accuracy requirements.

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