What Should I Pay Attention To When Manufacturing Injection Molds?

- Nov 27, 2018-

1.Cooling in the mold (water passage) is related to product size, shape, plasticity and holding time.

2, the roughness of the mold cavity should reach the "mirror level", otherwise the product is difficult to demould, the product needs to be too strong and easy to damage when the product pops up. The roughness of the locating pin, clamping surface and other components is specified by the standard.

3, the plastic mold should have sufficient rigidity, otherwise the mold will be deformed when the mold is kept under pressure, resulting in "flash" to choose a reasonable exhaust position and its control. Otherwise, the plastic is not filled and the product is "lack of material".

4. The injection molding road should be reasonably selected so that the material can reach every place evenly (the flow path is equal), and there must be enough storage space to ensure that the plastic is replenished during the shrinking process. Moreover, each material has a different shrinkage coefficient and the mold has a reasonable shrinkage.

5, mold and injection molding machine fixed way to be reasonable, to be reliable and firm, to prevent displacement when the mold is closed and cause an accident. Disassembly is also very convenient. In addition, it is necessary to choose a reasonable release method and choose the appropriate thimble position and quantity to ensure that the product is not damaged during the ejection process.

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