What types of products need to use two-color molds?

- Sep 04, 2017-

Two-color mold in recent years become the hot industry of the mold industry, two-color mold with its unique two-color molding process makes the production of the product appearance and structure is better than the traditional monochrome mold molding, by more and more consumers Favored, then in the real life of what type of product production will use the two-color mold it?


1.Due to the functional requirements of the product must use two-color mold, such as power switch, phone keys, car switches, etc., these products have to go to the LED part of the light, so it will use two-color molding process.


2.The product feel, the appearance of the decision, such as some handheld devices like mouse, drill shell etc. RUBBER feel and appearance will be more comfortable for the product market competition is more favorable, and some other two-color key products, the use of two-color injection molding process Out of the appearance of both beautiful and do not have to worry about being worn out.


3.Part of the local needs of electroplating products, such as mobile phone keys, plating part of the ABS, do not need to be part of the plating made of PC or other materials, where you need to use the two-color mold.


4.Like smart phones, MP3, MP4 and other digital electronic products, the need for two-color one-piece molding will also use the two-color mold injection processing to produce.

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