Custom Injection Mold Tool Design Machine Working-Camera Parts

Custom Injection Mold Tool Design Machine Working-Camera Parts

Photograhpic equipment parts / accessories .. Customized plastic injection moulding / molding / overmolding solution supplier .. Design according to given 2D/3D drawdings and other requirements .. High precsison and quantity plastic ejection mold maker , also produce large quantity plastic parts in Guolan factory ...

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Custom Injection Mold Tool Design machine working-Camera Parts

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You have the idea, Guolan turns it into products!

Whether you are looking to outsource a simple assembly or your entire department, Guolan factory has the expert knowledge to help you. We will respond quickly and provide you with a perfect outsource solution that can reduce the cost. We are experts in:

Plastic Injection mold design & building

Insert Molding

Injection Molding

Hand Assembly

Ultrasonic Welding

Heat Stamping

Contact Cutting

Secondary Work

And More!

The processes of designing/developing

Situation1:If having the finished 3D Drawing,the Process will be:

1.Customers send us 3D file and provide material/color/size/logo/surface/quantity etc.

2.Our engineer team will assure the design is suitable for manufacturing or not.If yes,we will make a production scheme and quotation .If not,our engineer team will provide a production analysis report and provide suggestions to modify the design.

3.After ensuring the design is Okay,we will use 3D print to have the 3D sample for customers to check the structure, size.

4.If the customers are satisfied with the sample,we will make mold and samples for confirming by customers.If not,our engineer team will modify the 3D drawing untill customers are satisfied.

5.After confirming samples by customers,we will arrange mass production. 

Situation 2:Just an idea or similar sample,the Process will be:

1.Our engineer team will 3D scanning the sample to get the 3D Drawing.

2.According to customers’ requests,engineers will modify 3D Drawing again and again.

3.The following Processes are the same with the situation1.

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