Injection Molding Overmolding-Camera Accessories Suppliers

Injection Molding Overmolding-Camera Accessories Suppliers

Camera accessories / photographic equipment parts.. Injection Molding Overmolding-Camera Accessories Suppliers-Custom plastic mold or plastic injection parts. Applied to Electronic products , smart home , home appliance , automible , medical device , houseware etc..

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Diy Plastic Injection Molding Factory-Camera Accessories Products

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You have the idea, Guolan turns it into products!

The electronics and telecommunications industries are characterized by rapid product development cycles. Guolan matches the pace of these industries; continually evolving and improving to help keep our customers competitive in today’s global market.

Our precision CNC machines , plastic injection molding machines, cold/hot runners, and process control systems provide the manufacturing efficiency needed for a wide range of products. We provide the capability for multiple molds and simultaneous operation, a reduction in assembly and post-molding operations costs,  multi-material designs, and more. Our technologies help reduce energy costs, provide better precision, quicker cycle times, and cutting-edge repeatability.

Our Service:                                            

1.   Provide OEM/ODM service

2.   Provide precision plastic injection mould design and manufacturing service

3.   Provide plastic injection molded parts moulding/ printing/ painting service

4.   Provide plastic parts and cable assembly service

5.   Provide plastic parts package service

6.   Provide After-Sales service

7.   Supply prototypes

8.   Customized various non-standard plastic parts per 2D/3D drawings, or given samples.

9.   Professional in All kinds of plastic injection parts being used in a variety of applications including home use, industrial use, automotive use, electronic use and so on

10.  Make products per your drawing, sample and we're willing to serve you parts with competitive price, good quality, timely delivery and professional service.

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