Precision Injection Moulding and Processing

Precision Injection Moulding and Processing

High precision plastic injection molding /moulding /tooling.. ALL kinds of type steel material : S136, 420, NAK80 ,SK061,718, 2316 , P20, 50# etc... The injection mold suits for all kind of thermoplastic material : PP, PE, ABS, PA, PVC, PS , POM ,TPE etc... HASCO /DME are both acceptable..

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Customized plastic injection molding /moulding /tooling  in China factory

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Guolan is a custom manufacturer offering plastic injection molds for various industries. It owns high precision CNC and testing machines including milling machines, grinding machines, linear cutting machines, EDM,and CMM etc. Experienced team uses professional design and analysis software as CAD , CAE , UG , PROE ,CAM etc. ,and executes strict data/drawing management system. One-stop service to integrated mould design and plastic injection products manufacturing .Capable of injection molding plastic parts from 48 tons to 1200 tons in capacity. Materials worked with include ABS, styrene, polyurethane, nylon, acetal, polypropylene, polyethylene, and polycarbonate. Available from short to long production runs. Insert molding services are also offered. Guolan always devotes to supplying reasonable price , high quality , short delivery time , considerate service.


Guolan also specializes in manufacturing quality and crafted plastic injection products / parts ,there are more than10 injection production lines in workshop and products  widely applied to Electronics , Smart home , Telecommunications ,Auto industrial and Medical devices etc.


Cable is another pillar business of Guolan, there are specialized assembly lines in workshop .

Applications: Electronics  , Smart home ,  Home appliance , Medical device , Automobile etc.

Production Line Of Products                                                        


Molding procedure:                                                      

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Lifetime Mold Guarantee                 

We guarantee your mold for life, it means there's no quantity limit for the life of your project. 

We guarantee that we will supply unlimited part quantities for the life of your project. It's simple. We build it, we run it and we supply parts.

Our injection molds are built with extreme high tolerance tool metal conditions. This eliminates the metal to metal shock during the molding process that reduces the mold life and usually results in mold repair.

1, We use only quality mold components.

2, Our molding company has its own tooling room where each mold is maintained every time it is run. 

Injection Mold Base              

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Knowledge about the molding :

General mold manufacture including mould design, selection of materials, heat treatment, machining, commissioning and installation process. According to the survey: factors in the failure, molds used are the main factors affecting the service life of materials and heat treatment. From the perspective of total quality management, cannot die service life influence factors as polynomials and measured, but rather the product of many factors, so that the mould material and heat treatment quality is especially important in mold manufacturing process as a whole.

From the prevalence of failure analysis, plastic mold in service, may wear failure, local deformation and fracture. Important failure of plastic mold forms can be divided into failure, and local plastic deformation and fracture failure.

3, performance requirements with the development manufacturing plastic die steel, plastic molds are indispensable tools in the plastic molding and processing, in the mold of total yield as a percentage of increase year by year, along with the production and development of high-performance plastics, kinds of plastic products increased, uses continue to broaden products to precise, becoming large and complex development. Production to the high speed development, mold's working conditions are more complex.

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