Milling For Plastic Injection Mold

Milling For Plastic Injection Mold

Milling machines can be used for milling, drilling and boring machine tools.

Product Details

Milling for plastic injection mold

Guolan specializes in precision EDM, milling, grinding and polishing which requires advanced equipment along with a meticulous workforce. Our toolmakers routinely work with close /tight tolerances in the millionths or less. This type of accuracy is vital in our business, (and yours). Our customers’ fluid measurement and dispensing components, surgical tools, and electronic connectors each have unique requirements that demand this type of accuracy.

We are comfortable working from our customer’s 3D CAD model or tooling print. To ensure our product meets your spec; Guolan will provide a steel inspection report upon completion with your spare tooling order. If final fitting is desired, send us your mold base and we can sample the tools and spare components within our R&D molding center.

Project procedure :

1. RFQ for free



2. Quotation and detailed Discussion

 Mould material,cavity number,price,runner,payment,etc.


3. Order placed with final 2D/3D drawings.



4. DFM and Design mould

 DFM is the presentation of main technical points as well as where we find issues and possible defects which may cause unnecessary  modifications .We will send mould design to customer for confirmation


5. Mould manufacturing

 We start to process mould after mould design confirmed


6. schedule report

 Send pictures and weekly schedule report to customer to let customer know what we are doing


7. Mould  trial

 sample submission with inspection report of trial shots


8. Sample approval and mold Delivery

 Ship mould after mould quality confirmed.

Injection mold manufacturing process:

Injection molding process.jpg

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