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Guolan owns high precision CNC and testing machines including milling machines, grinding machines, linear cutting machines, EDM,and CMM etc. Experienced team uses professional design and analysis software as CAD , UG, PRO-E etc. ,and executes strict data/drawing management system. One-stop service to integrated mould design and plastic injection manufacturing , Guolan always devotes to supplying reasonable price , high quality , short delivery time , considerate service.

Product Details

Parts Sites Wholesale Suppliers Maker

You have the idea, we turn it into products!

Main Service             

1.   Provide OEM/ODM service

2.   Provide professional plastic injection mould design and manufacturing service

3.   Provide plastic parts moulding/ printing/ painting service

4.   Provide plastic parts assembly service

5.   Provide plastic parts package service

6.   Provide After-Sales service

7.   Supply prototypes

8.   Customize various non-standard plastic parts per your drawing, sample.

9.   Professional in All kinds of plastic injection parts being used in a variety of applications including home use, industrial use, automotive use, electronic use and so on

10.  Make products per your drawing, sample and we're willing to serve you parts with competitive price, good quality, timely delivery and professional service.

Also Guolan is expert in:

Insert Molding

Over Molding

Hand Assembly

Ultrasonic Welding

Heat Stamping

Contact Cutting

Secondary Work and so on 

Application Range

Household ApplianceTV, Air Conditioner, Washing machine, Microwave oven, Dust Collector, 
Coffee maker, Hair drier etc.
TelecommunicationTelephone, Fax machine, Printer,Smart Mobile, Wireless Router, Interphone etc.
Medical equipmentDiagnosis, Medical Trolley, Blood pressure monitor, sleep Apnea etc.
AutomotiveAccessory of bicycle, wheel, Motor, car etc.

Toys car, car model, toys helicopters, boats model, airplane model etc.

Project Procedure                   

Injection molding process.jpg

News:Industry Situation

  Since 2014, while the international market overall contracted, subject to the precision molds as the representative of the high end of the market there is still a large demand, however, due to our high end die "matching rates" under 60%, greatly restricting the international high-end market.

  From the current perspective, China's economy continues to grow, China mould trends showed big gains in recent years, development of casting mould growth rate of up to 25%, higher than China's average GDP value added more than 1 time, die overall demand will be further growth in the future.

  Casting mould enterprises to transform mechanism, developing specialized production, increase market awareness, promoting the adjustment of industrial structure of casting molds. The past, under the planned economy, large enterprises have mold plant (workshop), manufacturing capabilities and strong technical force, accounts for a considerable proportion of Chinese mold production, in addition to a small number of standard parts purchased outside, most of the work were completed by the mold factory, resulting in low levels of specialization, standardization.

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