Gun Shooting Gear Accessories-New Injection Molding Machine

Gun Shooting Gear Accessories-New Injection Molding Machine

Plastic Gun Shooting Gear Accessories can be customized here... High precision platic injection molding /overmolding designer and maker... Massive prodution of plastic parts / shells / accessories /covers in Guolan factory ..

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Product Details

Gun Shooting Gear Accessories

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Design Assistance For Production Efficiency . We assist designers & inventors in product design, unnecessary costs created in molds and molded parts are what our engineers can't bear, no additional cost on every molding project  is our aim.

The file formats we can work with:






Production-efficient design is the source of the first benefits: lower product costs, improved product reliability and a shorter to-market time frame.

At the start of new mold tooling, our engineers make a Production Efficiency Analysis, focus on finding ways to use the least amount of material and the shortest possible cycle times.

Mold Tooling

Tooling is often an innovative company's biggest road block to profitability, it is our core competency, which will generate profits from structure design and details optimization.

Our tooling and molding specialists work with our customers providing engineering support to optimize the product's design for best manufacturability at the lowest possible cost.

Project Procedure

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