Injection Molding Gun Party Supplies-Fondant Mould By Model

Injection Molding Gun Party Supplies-Fondant Mould By Model

Plasic gun shells /covers .. We specialize in design, processing and manufacturing of plastic injection moulds.. Also massive plastic injection molded parts can be manufacturered in Guolan factory..

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Injection Molding Gun Party Supplies-Fondant Mould By Model

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Guolan 's systematic approach to mold design incorporates use of advanced 3D solid modeling tools to optimize mold conditions such as gate location, venting, cooling, and runner sizing. Simulation software enables us to visualize the injection molding process and refine and validate the mold designs prior to the build. Once the design is finalized, our master toolmakers use the latest technology and robotics to build production and prototype molds to SPI/SPE Class standards. Molds are a major investment, and we offer a documented mold maintenance program for the upkeep of all molds on a continual basis. We also have the capacity to modify, repair, and rebuild tooling used by previous molders. Our strength of experience and depth of knowledge assures you of an exceptional manufacturing solution. Contact us today to learn more about our mold design and engineering capabilities.

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News:Material Requirements For Plastic Mould

  Working conditions of plastic mold and die is different, usually work at 150 ° C-200 ° c, in addition to some outside pressure, and also the influence of temperature. According to plastic molding die use conditions and processing method of different steels for plastic molds from the basic performance requirements are broadly grouped as follows:

1, adequate surface hardness and abrasion resistance

Plastic mold hardness is usually below the 50-60HRC, should have adequate surface hardness after heat treatment of mould, mold has to ensure sufficient rigidity. Die at work because of the plastic fill and flow under high compressive stress and friction, require molds to maintain accuracy of shape and dimension stability of sure has enough life. Die wear resistance depends on the chemical composition and the heat treatment of steel hardness, hardness increase wear resistance of the die.

2, excellent machinability

Most plastic mold, in addition to EMD processing needed some cutting and locksmith workshop. To prolong service life of cutting tools and improve cutting performance, reduced surface roughness, hardness of steels for plastic molds must be appropriate.

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