Injection Molding New Technology-Gun Parts Gun Mould

Injection Molding New Technology-Gun Parts Gun Mould

Plastic gun parts gun mould manufacture in China .. Customized plastic injection mould /tooling designer and maker , Massive production of plastic accessories / parts /shells / cases etc. in Guolan factory...

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Injection Molding New Technology-Gun Parts Gun Mould

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The process starts by having grains of plastic fed into a heated barrel from a hopper. 

Actually, the granular plastic is forced into the heated barrel by gravity. 

When the plastic granules make their way into the heated barrel, a screw-type plunger slowly moves them forward into a heated chamber. The chamber melts the plastic. 

As the same plunger advances, it forces the melted plastic through a nozzle. 

This nozzle rests against the mold. The melted plastic then enters through a runner and gate system to fill the mold cavity. After entering the mold cavity, the plastic solidifies. 

The plastic usually solidifies just as soon as the whole entire mold is filled, because the mold remains cold throughout the whole Plastic Injection Molding process.

There is a sequence of events during the Plastic Injection Molding called the injection molding cycle. 

First, the mold closes. After it closes, a polymer is injected into the mold cavity. 

Material shrinkage is compensated. This compensation is maintained by a holding pressure after the mold cavity is filled. After this action, a screw turns. 

After this screw turns, the next shot is fed to the first screw. 

The next shot is prepared once the screw retracts. After it opens, the part is ejected.

In order for the custom injection molding process to take place, the mold must be lubricated and cooled. Water is mostly used as the mold’s cooling agent. 

Quick cooling times are accounted by channeling water through to the mold. 

When it comes to Plastic Injection Molding, faster cycle times are allowed by making sure the mold is very cold. The custom injection molding industry depends on the mold to be colder. 

This allows a Plastic Injection Molding manufacturer to produce more parts.

In Plastic Injection Molding, there is a molding tolerance. 

A specified allowance in parameters on the deviation is the molding tolerance. 

These parameters are angles, dimensions, shapes, or weights. There is a maximum and minimum limit on thickness. This helps you set tolerances. Setting a molding tolerance is highly needed in the Plastic Injection Molding process. ±0.008 to ±0.002 inches is the possible tolerance of a thermoset or a thermoplastic.

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  Enough injection quantity:the weight of product and the number of mold cavity determine the "injection quantity" and select the appropritate"srew diameter".

For stability purpose,the injection volume required for more than 1.35 times of the product,which means the product weight should less than 75% of the injection amount.

  Able to maintain locked:the product and plastic determine the tonnage of "clamping force".

When the raw material injection into the mold cavity in a high pressure,it will create a bulging force,so the clamping unit of the plastic injection molding machine should provide sufficient "clamping force" so that the mold was not subject to distraction.

  Therefore,you must cellect or have the following information before making a choice:mold dimension,weight and design;types and amount of the plastic;dimensions and weight of injection molding product;molding requirements,such as quality condition,production speed and so on.

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