Plastic Mold Makers-Part Machining Kits

Plastic Mold Makers-Part Machining Kits

Guolan has a long history of tool making and plastic injection moulding. We offer good value in the small to medium batch volume, or for sample runs, fit and function purposes, production trial build volumes, clinical trials and rapid part development, where such trials and tool modifications are required in short succession. We are also able to provide bespoke batch manufacturing where clients require high quality injection moulding with press-side assembly or minor hand-worked features as part of the contract.

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Plastic Mold Makers-Part Machining Kits

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All moldings are produced by injection molding. We produce parts with metal inserts, if necessary, the product can be machined by lathe turning. We are able to achieve maximum weight of molding up to 830 g. The majority of the production are cooperation for the automotive industry. Other sectors of our production are the consumer industry, advertising, aerospace, engineering, health and more.

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News:Areas Of Application Of Injection Mold

  Injection mold in processing in the, various NC processing are useful to, application up of is NC milling and the processing center, NC line cutting processing and NC EDM processing in mold NC processing in the of application also very general, line cutting main application in various straight wall of mold processing, as stamping processing in the of bump die, injection die in the of set block, and sliding block, EDM processing with of electrode,. For high hardness of mould parts, machining methods can not be processed, most of EDM, die cavity corner, parts of the deep, narrow grooves, also using the EDM. CNC Lathes are mainly used for machining die bar in standard parts, mould or core of an axisymmetric body, such as bottles, pots, injection mold, forging die for the shaft, disc type components. Die machining, CNC drilling machine can also enhance the application of Machining accuracy and shorten processing cycles.

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