Plastic Mold Supplies-Parts Kit And Accessories

Plastic Mold Supplies-Parts Kit And Accessories

Customized high precision plastic injection mould / mold / tooling designing and manufacturing .. Massive production of plastic injection parts / accessories / components in Guolan factroy .. Equipped with high precision CNC machins including milling machines , drilling machines , EDM , testing instruments ..

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Plastic Mold Supplies-Parts Kit And Accessories

Guolan is professional contract manufacturer of custom plastic injection molds. Specializing in all types of customized injection molds, custom injection molded parts & including aluminum molds, steel production molds etc. Capabilities range from prototype to long production runs. Engineering & design services include product development, tooling design & build, manufacturing analysis, design engineering, project engineering, design & build engineering, product development & material selection.

Equipped with the newest editions of SolidWorks /UG / Por-E design software and Mastercam machine programming software, along with the latest CNC machining and EDM technology. The final result is the fast and accurate construction of the production quality PLASTIC injection molding tool that will generate consistently acceptable parts, no matter how technically demanding the design.


Household ApplianceTV, Air Conditioner, Washing machine, Microwave oven, Dust Collector, 
Coffee maker, Hair drier etc.
TelecommunicationTelephone, Fax machine, Printer, Smart Mobile, Wireless Router, Interphone etc.
Medical equipmentDiagnosis, Medical Trolley, Blood pressure monitor, sleep Apnea etc.
AutomotiveAccessory of bicycle, wheel, Motor, car etc.
Toys & electronics

Toys car, car model, toys helicopters, boats model, airplane model etc.

Digital camera, security camera, bluetooh speaker ,smart phone accessories etc.

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News:Composition Of The Mould

Injection mold by moving half and fixed half consists of two parts, dynamic mobile template installed on the injection moulding machine, fixed on a fixed template installed on the injection moulding machine. At the time of injection molding die and mould closing form of gating system and cavity, mold moving half and fixed separation in order to remove the plastic products. In order to reduce the workload of mould design and manufacture, mostly standard mould base of injection mould.

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