3c Mold Intellectual Technology Advantage

- Nov 23, 2016-

Intellectual technology is the perfect combination of software and high-end CNC equipment, set design, fabrication, inspection and testing functions as one, intelligent design in the mold design and finite element analysis, complete mold forming process and simulation test in advance, to optimize and improve the defects that may exist. After decades of NC machine tool upgrading comes with programming instructions and cutting cycle already have interactive features, according to mold machining features and programming logic, the tool path automatically selects the best, with intellectual technology provides a powerful hardware basis. Three-coordinate measuring machine and optical projector is a measurement commonly used in mould manufacturing equipment, online mold machining parts to full random testing, testing data synchronization back to the execution unit of the computer software to help complete machine tool precision guidance functions of CNC system, the secondary dressing is not suitable sites, processing size is accurate to a few microns. To complete the entire contents of the machining parts in one clamping, ensure accuracy.

Intelligent optimization of cutting parameters and tool path of NC machine with compensation function, can effectively control the deformation of die and machining errors. Die cutting process, cutting force in every part of the surface of a rigid and vary in size and resistance to deformation and displacement are not the same, cutting parameter optimization using numerical control system of intelligent algorithms, spindle speed, engagement and dynamic feed rate adjustment tool is always maintained at optimum cutting conditions. In guarantee surface, and reduced deformation volume of while, improve production efficiency; tool path compensation function, is in NC machine tool compensation of based Shang, using limited Yuan analysis on mold deformation volume and tool wear value for pretreatment calculation, let tool in original of go knife track in the additional a equivalent of compensation movement, elimination for processing deformation and tool wear and produced of residual errors, to reached high fine, and efficient and quality processing of purpose.

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