About Plastic Injection Molding

- Dec 12, 2017-

Technology: Plastic Injection Molding Services are manufacturing services used to make parts from thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic materials. The raw material is usually in pellet or granule form which is heated to form a liquid. Molten plastic is then injected under high pressure (10,000 psi) into a precision machined mold, commonly made of steel or aluminum, which is the inverse of the product's shape. After filling the molds are cooled to solidify the parts prior to ejection. Cycle times can range from 10 to 100 seconds depending on the cooling time of the thermoplastic or the curing time of the thermosetting plastic.

Plastic injection molding service can manufacture parts in a variety of materials ranging from filled nylons to the various PEs, PVCs, etc. Small parts are usually made in multi-cavity mold to increase output. Many shops have multiple injection molding machines in a range of tonnages.

Advantages: Plastic injection molding services provide low cost method of molding plastic parts in high volumes.

  • Low cost per part

  • Complex geometries possible

  • Minimal scrap losses

  • Minimal fnishing required

  • High volume

  • Some service vendors offer die design and manufacturing

  • Many services can offer expertise regarding material choice, part design, etc.

    Design Considerations:

  • Draft angle

  • Tolerances

  • Wall thickness

  • Corners

  • Ribs

  • Weld lines

  • Limitations of plastic injection molding services
  • Considered a high volume process

  • Part size is limited by mold capacity and minimal cross section requirements

    Applications: Injection molding is widely used to manufacture a variety of plastic parts from micro sized components to entire body panels for automobiles. Some commonly made items include:

  • Bottle caps

  • Computer keyboards

  • Electronic parts

  • Medical items

  • Pet products

  • Toys

  • Smart home

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