AMBA Urged The Government To Impose Tariffs On Chinese Moulds

- May 15, 2020-

AMBA urged the government to impose tariffs on Chinese moulds

On May 7, the mold manufacturers association of America (AMBA) submitted a formal opinion to the U.S. trade representative (UST) not to lift the 301 tariff imposed on imported HTS 8480.71.8045 injection molds from China in connection with the covid-19 pandemic.


Kym Conis, managing director of AMBA, said: "we believe that the sheer number of mould manufacturers in the us clearly refutes any argument that there is no substitute for Chinese imports of domestic products."

AMBA has proven to the federal government that there are 1,439 mold manufacturing facilities in the United States with a mold opening capacity of nearly $500 million, currently at 68 percent utilization.

AMBA maintains a public membership directory that lists 138 U.S. mold builders as suppliers to the medical industry, which is currently at the forefront of the epidemic.

"Even before the outbreak, the die and die industry in the United States had sufficient capacity to meet the needs before and after the coronavirus," Conis said.

As part of the supply chain for medical devices and personal protective equipment, mold manufacturers across the country remain open and continue to produce the critical equipment and devices needed."


In July 2018, the U.S. government imposed a 25 percent tariff on injection molds imported from China.

On Dec. 28, 2018, U.S. importers were granted a 12-month exemption from tariffs.

In December 2019, USTR allowed waivers to expire, reinstating a 25% tariff on the molds shown in listing 1.

AMBA said U.S. mold makers are committed to helping ensure that front-line doctors and other health professionals have the personal protective equipment, medical devices and equipment they need to fight against novel coronavirus.

The association stressed that it looks forward to working with the trump administration to strengthen U.S. manufacturing and ensure that U.S. mold makers continue to create thousands of jobs nationwide and provide plastic injection molds for decades to come.

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