Analysis Development Trend Of China Mold Industry On Future

- Jun 21, 2017-

At present, we are in a new round of the world of technological revolution and industrial change and China to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode to form a historical intersection, as the first to feel a new wave of technological innovation in the mold industry, at the level of digital, collaborative manufacturing capacity to go In the forefront of manufacturing, but also implies that the mold industry has entered a new era.

At present, we are in a new round of the world of technological revolution and industrial change and China to accelerate the transformation of economic development mode to form a historical intersection, as the first to feel a new wave of technological innovation in the mold industry, at the level of digital, collaborative manufacturing capacity to go In the forefront of manufacturing, but also implies that the mold industry has entered a new era.


Mold industry has entered the data age. Mold industry in the information technology environment to the reshaping of industrial organization and manufacturing model, reconstruction of mold and user relationship between the new stage, played the future of the Internet + mold manufacturing the main theme. Data age for the mold products throughout the manufacturing life cycle to explore the modified design and manufacturing simultaneously, and the production of closed-loop data flow collection, monitoring, and so provide a development space.


Mold industry has entered the era of technological integration, integration and innovation. Mold is a high-tech carrier, the production process of precision manufacturing, computer technology, intelligent control and green manufacturing as a whole, lean manufacturing and mold production automation, laser processing, 3D verification, reverse engineering and other technology in the mold industry has also been actively adopted The


Mold industry has entered an era of industrial integration, collaborative manufacturing. Although the mold itself is a single piece of manufacturing properties, but it is a diversified market demand for mass production protection. Mold and forming equipment, forming process integration (molded one, molded one, stamping laser one) of the product system engineering, integrated innovation is a comprehensive reflection of capacity. Through the efficient and efficient production mode optimization, automation and intelligent, customization and personalized allocation of resources, as well as the great application of supply chain management technology, mining the value chain potential, from the natural formation of the supply chain to the standardization of implementation, standardized rationing , Personalized solution, screening selection partners interested in the formation of the industrial chain is on the road.


Mold industry has entered the era of fine manufacturing, full competition. As with other industries, the mold industry is also facing the capital value shrink, to the cost of the impact of technological progress in the pace of development of enterprises, while mold enterprises are facing equipment reform and software application efficiency is not high pressure is also growing. Mold industry has not yet formed a total package subcontract reasonable layout, business concentration is poor, leading to competition is not true and other issues are we want to crack the important problem. Mold enterprises in the technical advantages, factors of production, product structure, market positioning, the integration of the Internet under the two aspects of innovation and development, with a unique self-development mode of operation, in the sub-areas occupy a dominant position, and achieved a stable breakdown Market share, access to a good economic and brand impact.


Mold industry has entered the era of consumer diversification. Mold associated with high, involving a wide range. China's mold industry in the manufacturing industry in the important role embodied in the mold is the parts manufacturing process equipment, molding protection, is the design and manufacture of parts, quality assurance and production of key nodes. In addition to China's consumer industry to make a huge contribution to the same time, but also for the modernization of national defense and high-end technology industry has played a very important supporting role.

Mold manufacturing technology in the realization of control at the same time also control the shape (the shape of the parts), and thus mold is also the carrier of fashion technology, involved in product appearance, structural design, design, and downstream products industry to complete the market supply demand ; Mold or downstream industry to pursue efficient production of the process of protection, but also bear the new material forming, energy saving materials and other new technology market needs the role of manufacturing equipment. At present, China through the mold forming manufacturing (also known as isoform manufacturing) of metal products is about 80 million tons, and cutting (reduction of manufacturing) the number of considerable; and 75 million tons of plastic products and 600 million tons of rubber products , Almost entirely formed by the mold.


The mold industry has entered an era of more emphasis on quality and efficiency. The quality of data for the pilot manufacturing flow has been through the mold business design, manufacturing and feedback manufacturing, integrated within the framework of quality control of enterprise information flow, capital flow, logistics to achieve efficiency, quality cross-vertical integration, through the pursuit of efficiency, Quality and then get effective and sustainable development. The use of fine, knowledge, professional value-added efficiency. Software technology to enhance the value of hardware and equipment to achieve value-added efficiency; customer data and management sharing, improve resource efficiency, operational efficiency and R & D efficiency.


Mold industry has entered the management thinking, model adjustment and improvement of the era of change. Entrepreneurs from the focus on manufacturing to improve the mold manufacturing life cycle service system changes, and to penetrate the host product R & D design and manufacturing and mold design synchronization, mold forming services after the service concept of customer service. Through the establishment of differentiated survival of the health mold industry ecology, and gradually form a specific customer products and technical services, and gradually form a specific industry-specific products and technical services, and gradually form a specific area of products and technical services has become a new mold entrepreneurs thinking. Low-end to the high-end upgrade is not the only way to solve the survival and development, low-end products can also be living under differentiated space; high-end products should also avoid the herd, get rid of homogenization.


Mold industry has entered the era of manufacturing products that call products and services. Mold has been completed to the technical type of technology to the complex type of change from mold manufacturing to mold + technology services transition, at present, mold enterprises are not only mold suppliers, but also become integrated technology service providers. Mold enterprises in the delivery of mold products at the same time to deliver the design, process, analysis of the digital process, mold enterprises to provide products is mold and die forming process integration program is to complete the product from design to manufacture of the key nodes of the industry, making Mold enterprises have the ability to form the overall solution and engineering services.


Mold industry has entered a cost-effective advantage of the international mold procurement era. China's mold exports from 2006 to 1 billion US dollars expanded to 2015 more than 5 billion US dollars, export molds up to 169 countries and regions, international production cooperation has shown our competitiveness. China's high-tech mold products can participate in the international mold competition, although only a small number of enterprises, the entire industry lacks the ability to grasp the overall operation of large projects, high-end mold mainly rely on the import situation will continue. But the advantages of China's mold price advantage is very obvious, we are in the international mold industry in the complementary strong, even in the current international mold manufacturing industry entity return, China's export mold slowdown, domestic and foreign mold market uncertainty and other factors increase in the environment , Still has a strong advantage.

Mold industry into the regional innovation to become the era of global economic hot spots. Through product clusters, industrial clusters, to promote regional development, to achieve a fine industry. The Pearl River Delta manufacturing molds go hand in hand, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Bohai Sea mold synergistic development, Sichuan and Chongqing mold advantages jumped, the Chinese model you catch up with the molds of the Yangtze River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, situation.


Mold industry has entered the integrity of the first, brand building indispensable era. Positioning brand strategy, focus on brand building, promote brand communication, to achieve brand marketing, which is the market requirements, but also the inevitable development of the industry. The future, the mold industry will continue to promote brand communication, brand marketing, to create the world stage of China die business card. June 16 to 16 held DMC2017 China International Mold Technology and Equipment Exhibition is not only China Mold Association cohesion of more than 30 years of effort, carefully build the industry brand publicity platform, it is shaping the brand, display brand, brand marketing stage The


According to China's product manufacturing industry, especially in the consumption, livelihood projects, the development trend of the manufacturing industry, mold market is expected to total capacity than the "second five" at the end of about 15% expansion, the proportion of high-grade mold will be more substantial China's mold exports after more than 10 years of rapid growth, has accumulated a wealth of experience, the establishment of a better reputation, with the gradual recovery of the world economy, mold exports will have a broader market space.


In 2017, China's economic development will continue to maintain a healthy and healthy level, "Made in China 2025" will also further increase the implementation of efforts to diversify consumption, livelihood security measures and high-end equipment manufacturing industry development will usher in a new opportunity Will be China's mold industry to drive the development of innovation to provide a better environment and the stage. Mold industry enterprises will be profound changes and creative efforts to serve the various sectors of the consumer sector, the service of national defense and military science and technology in various fields, the service of the national economy and other manufacturing industries.

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