AR Gun-new Game Reality In The Game World

- Jun 27, 2017-

AR Gun

The traditional gameplay is played like this


Like this


Also like this


However,The AR Gun game is so played

3AR gun game player.jpg

AR innovative technology, the perfect fusion of the real world and the game world, breaking the traditional gameplay, innovative game new games, experience the game new fun

6bluetooth shooting game player.jpg

Combine AR (enhanced reality) technology with the game can be DIY toy gun, combined with the combination of AR Gun App, the real world and the game world can be a perfect fusion

9bluetooth shooting game player.jpg

Built-in detection radar, the player can walk around or turn around to find the enemy around

Open the phone Bluetooth, no need to match the pair, open the AR Gun App, long press the AR gun trigger button for 5 seconds to connect

7bluetooth shooting game player.jpg

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