Auto Parts It Is Important To Check The Car Regularly

- Aug 16, 2017-

It is well known that when a car is turned up there will be a variety of sounds, such as tire noise, engine noise, when the speed comes up after the wind noise. However, these are normal, even if you are a million luxury car is no way to completely cut out the noise in the car outside.

But if your car has the following kinds of abnormal sound, then you have to have a long mind, especially the last two, once heard, no matter how much you have to worry about things to stop check!

This alienation should be the most common. Some relatively low-end models subject to the reasons for the development costs, so there is no way to use the higher strength of the plate,Auto Parts the result is the body is relatively "soft."

Such a car in the flat road to open the trouble, once into the non-pavement or through some cross-shaft road, the uneven body caused by the overall structure of a certain degree of distortion, the situation will even make the door can not be completely closed The Which is why the car is not suitable for one of the reasons often go bad. To say one more, those who like to use the way the unilateral bridge parked in the street along the friends attention, the long run will cause irreversible impact on the vehicle!

Inside the car noise and the car interior process has a direct relationship. If the interior of the vehicle is rough, then the stitching part will leave a large gap, that is, between the panel and the panel there is a large amount of open, and this is the main source of this abnormal sound. Of course,Auto Parts this abnormal sound and traffic is not safe, if you really can not stand it can only spend money to the garage to reinforce the interior.

We know that the working principle of the brake is the use of brake pads and brake discs directly friction, the kinetic energy into heat dissipated in the air. So the quality of the brake pads directly determine the braking performance of the vehicle.

If you press the brake pedal after hearing the harsh metal friction sound, then it proves that the brake pads have been worn almost, and should be replaced as soon as possible. In general, the life of a new brake pads in the 40,000 km to 60,000 km, if your driving style is very sturdy, then it is still a little bit of check it.

The noise of the vehicle chassis is mainly from the suspension. Some old age on the old car will appear this abnormal sound. Familiar with the car structure of the friend should be clear,Auto Parts constitute the suspension system components are not a hundred percent of the rigid connection, many places will use rubber bushings to cushion, and rubber parts of the environmental impact of larger, in other words is Very easy to aging, if not replaced in time, the suspension can only use its own way to "protest" the.

Here to write off the tires of the tires is not abnormal range, because the planet has not been able to create a completely muted tires. When you drive to hear a very regular "blah" sound, then the tire is embedded in the pattern of the stone. If the tire is embedded with more stones, then it must take some time to clean up, because a lot of stones will affect the vehicle's grip and braking performance. There is, before the high-speed must check the tires, the purpose is to troubleshoot the tires are nails, if the high-speed running when the puncture,Auto Parts the consequences could be disastrous.

A large part of the steering wheel is due to the problem of the steering machine. This situation is also more appear in the "classic car", due to the steering rod and the ball between the rubber liner wear and tear caused by the direct friction between the two is the crux of this abnormal sound. This abnormal sound does not affect the driving, the solution is also very simple answer, to 4S shop or repair shop to replace the corresponding parts can be.

This abnormal sound is very dangerous, and more is due to the aging of the belt caused by the vehicle "scream" sound. However, due to the internal arrangement of the cabin, wiring harness, engine, battery, water pump, turbine and so on are likely to be a problem, so once the engine abnormal sound,Auto Parts immediately waiting to stop the rescue is the best solution.

To some extent, the gearbox sound of the degree of danger as much as the engine abnormal sound. Gearbox abnormal sound is mainly caused by damage to gears and bearings, this situation can only be carried out by professionals for maintenance.

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