Auto Parts Periodically Check Replacement Parts

- Aug 07, 2017-

Auto Parts Many cars for the car's maintenance cycle ignorant, often by the 4S clerk flicker this part of the change that also should be changed, there are some simply do not know when to check the replacement parts regularly, today Xiaobian to everyone The popularity of some of the car wearing parts replacement cycle

Generally in the normal use of the case, the tire life in about 3 years, mileage of 60,000 km or so, of course, with the car often travel road, if the vehicle often take dirt road,Auto Parts that relative to the tire wear on the faster, Short.

2 gearbox oil

Gearbox as the second largest car core components, is our important maintenance object, if not replaced in time, will increase the gearbox wear, car start weakness,Auto Parts driving slip and other phenomena, the general gear oil is 2 years or driving 40,000 Km around the replacement time, and some special gearbox is lifelong maintenance-free.

3 brake pads

Brake pads generally to 4S shop maintenance time, maintenance master will check the routine, the first replacement of 40,000 km, do not be fooled.

4 air filter

The air dust sucked into the engine will accelerate the wear of the piston and cylinder, and should be replaced regularly, at about 20,000 km or 1 year.

5 wiper

Different models of wiper quality, subject to external factors led to the degree of deformation of the wiper blade is not the same, if the wiper can be damaged in time for the situation.

6 battery

Now many models of the battery is maintenance-free, not maintenance-free battery generally 3 years or so to replace once.

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