Auto Parts Seals Should Be Installed Correctly

- Jul 17, 2017-

Auto Parts replacement points:

First, try to use the sealant, if necessary, paint can be used to achieve the ideal sealing effect;

Second, the rubber seal should be carefully checked before the appearance of the quality of the assembly; use of special tools to suppress, to avoid knocking deformation;

Third, according to the provisions of filling lubricants, regular cleaning dredge and check valve;

Fourth, in very clean conditions for assembly, parts of the work surface without bumps, no scratches, burrs and other attachments;

Fifth, strict operating procedures, the seal should be properly installed to prevent not in place can be deformed;

Sixth, master the seal of the performance specifications and the use of requirements, the timely replacement of failure pieces;

Seventh, for the side cover class thin-walled parts, the use of sheet metal cold to do correction; easy to wear shaft hole parts can be used metal spraying, welding, adhesive, mechanical processing and other processes to achieve the original size;

Eighth, nuts slide wire cut off, loose should repair or replace the new pieces, and screw to the specified torque.

1. Do not drive for a long time: any car has economic speed, high speed will increase the air resistance, thereby increasing fuel consumption.

2. Usually to strengthen the maintenance of the car: wheel bearings should be on time oil, can reduce the friction, but also reduce fuel consumption, as well as oil viscosity,Auto Parts will lead to increased fuel consumption in the winter to use 10W-30 oil.

3. Chassis engine abnormal work will lead to excessive fuel consumption: tire wear or abnormal direction of instability will lead to excessive fuel consumption.

4. Reduce the weight of the car, do not place unnecessary weight in the car.

5. To avoid frequent rapid acceleration and brakes, to maintain uniform speed.

6. winter cool car high idle time than the summer time, will lead to high fuel consumption.

7. Do not idle speed car: If you go out in the morning, used to start the engine, let the car temperature for a few minutes, do not do so, so stop the use of idle to warm car quite fuel, and will let the engine died short-lived. After all, the car is no longer use the carburetor, do not have to do as before,Auto Parts cold to pull the door to the thermostat, the correct approach is to drive side, while the warm car, as long as the speed not too fast, open a two kilometers, Can reach the working temperature.

8. Raise high quality petrol. Gasoline in the wax and glial and other impurities is the formation of the main components of carbon deposition, so the high cleanliness of gasoline to form the trend of carbon deposition is weaker. We should pay attention to high-grade is not equal to high-quality, that is, 97 oil is not necessarily less than 93 impurities, the label represents the octane number of oil, and can not represent the quality and cleanliness. Some owners in order to ensure the cleanliness of gasoline,Auto Parts gasoline will be used in the way to add gasoline cleaner. This can effectively prevent the formation of carbon deposition in the metal surface layer, and can gradually activate the original carbon particles slowly removed, thus protecting the engine from harm. However, the addition of gasoline cleaning agents must be careful, if you join the shoddy products will get the opposite effect.

9. Do not arbitrarily change the size of the tire. Choose a wider tires that may make your car look more "sports car", but the wider the tires, the greater the resistance of the wheels, so unless you really need that extra grip, otherwise you are just wasting gasoline money.

10. Take care of the body. The body will be depressed when the car will increase the flow resistance encountered. In addition, those flashy decorations, also will only increase the resistance, simply put them removed to forget.

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