Automobile Parts Meet User Needs

- Oct 18, 2017-

The consumption of Automobile Parts has a certain regularity. Vehicles according to the mileage, there are various levels of maintenance and repair requirements, various types of maintenance needs to exchange several kinds of accessories. For example, in the normal service life of the car, the damage of spare parts is random and accidental. If the design and manufacture quality is good, the damage rate is generally very low. Also such as the piston is generally in the engine overhaul only need to be replaced, such as a model of the new engine average overhaul mileage is 240,000 kilometers, then about half of the engine before this mileage, need to replace the pistons. Therefore, to grasp the regularity of the consumption of vehicle parts, can be based on market and user demand, take positive distribution measures.

There have been some changes in the pattern of accessories consumption in recent years:

1 Auxiliary assembly replacement. Maintenance of the regular replacement of the auxiliary assembly parts are divided into electrical, air compressors, generators, starter, pumps, petrol pumps, brake shoes, clutch friction pads. In case of auxiliary assembly failure, most of the users are required to replace the new assembly, replace the old pieces for spare parts after repair. Correspondingly,Automobile Parts the consumption of spare parts that comprise these auxiliary assemblies is drastically reduced.

2 The combination of parts, complete sets of large-use. such as the piston belt ring belt pin, piston belt ring and with the connecting rod, finishing to repair the size at all levels, installed on the crankshaft bearing, etc., more and more users and repairman's favor. The corresponding single or unprocessed varieties suffer from a cold reception.

3 The vehicle maintenance must be replaced seals, such as clutch, brake master pump and brake pump of the skin bowl, leather ring, oil seals, as well as cylinder cushion,Automobile Parts oil bottom shell gasket, such as gaskets. A variety of repair kits are generally packaged and are especially popular with users and repairman.

4 small size container packaging lubricants (grease), special liquid, because it has the advantages of easy to carry, less abandoned, especially for the use of a single vehicle, with the increase in personal vehicles,Automobile Parts the sales gradually increased. The above product even if the price is higher, the user is willing to purchase.

The reasons for these changes:

1 User Time concept update. In the fierce market competition, time is the benefit, time is the concept of money firmly rooted in people's minds. In order to buy time, users require to shorten the repair day, maximize the use of vehicle utilization. Repair manufacturers in order to meet user requirements, but also find ways to raise the above accessories.

2 with the development of automobile industry and parts manufacturing industry,Automobile Parts as well as the high standard of modern automobile maintenance quality, it is required that the spare parts have the features of precision, convenient maintenance, reasonable collocation and high reliability, which are most obvious in the supply of new-type automobile and imported automobile accessories.

According to the rule of spare parts consumption, take positive measures, adjust the stock structure rationally to meet the market demand, this is the main problem that the parts sales department should study.

Measures to adapt to the change of consumption rules of Automobile Parts

1 Seriously study the change of the consumption rule of auto maintenance parts, and organize the marketable variety supply market in time. No longer to organize unsalable varieties, to prevent the emergence of a new backlog.

2 make full use of the scattered pieces of inventory, assembled into the quality of qualified small assembly supply market.

3 Entrust the factory to combine the single piece processing into the matching parts or the size accurate assembly parts supply market.

4 The fragmented seals are classified into the supply market of repair kits, such as the total pump, the pump maintenance kits, and the engine repair kits.

5 According to the Vehicle Specification container package vehicle maintenance must change lubricating oil (grease), special liquid supply market.

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