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- Jun 27, 2017-

Although the automotive industry is now in transit, and the auto industry for foreign-funded enterprises or joint ventures, payment is also more timely, is becoming a domestic many small and medium enterprises to pursue the object, but how to enter the industry and the industry requirements,Automobile Parts is being confused by many companies, This article is a brief introduction. The development process of this paper is based on the development of a well-known company in Tier 1, and each company has a small change, but the overall process is similar, because they are based on the TS16949 quality standards and work. This process is more stringent than the general company, in general, more and more companies are required to obtain TS16949 certification, so TS16949 will become the threshold to enter the automotive industry, the current ISO9001 is the most basic threshold.

1, potential suppliers selected

In general, the purchaser will select three to four suppliers according to their needs, obtain the initial offer and the company's relevant information, such as production scale, quality management, main products, production equipment, measuring equipment. The initial offer is mainly from a number of suppliers to choose a few out to do comparison, other information mainly for the supplier development engineers to understand. (Such as SQE, SQA, SQD, SDE, etc., S for the supplier, Q for the quality, E for the engineer, A for the Assure,Automobile Parts D for the development. Different (for the procurement of goods, to achieve quality requirements, the automotive industry generally have supplier quality engineers, The company has a different name, but the function is roughly the same.) Some also issued a feasibility report to fill you.

2, potential supplier review

When the potential supplier is selected, the supplier quality engineer will consult with the supplier to review the supplier (some companies will have engineers to participate, but the main responsibility for the supplier development engineers, ho ho, this time we should pay attention to, Supplier quality engineer satisfaction, he is in this step to master your life and death!), In general, different companies have different assessment form, the customer will advance to you this assessment form and their trip, do the professional will be so , Just entering the supplier quality engineer may not do so. Or the company is more casual, but you can ask in advance to get. Although the different forms of different companies, but the content is roughly the same. Some rough,Automobile Parts some heavy process, some heavy procedures. Basic requirements for 70 points, some companies higher. After the audit is completed, the supplier quality engineer will send you a review report and the results. Some will have to improve the project requirements.

3, technical talks

After the completion of the review, if the customer has a basic intention, the general will conduct a technical talks, supplier quality engineers will be presided over, some companies to ensure that no waste, technical talks are also waiting to determine the supplier after. The main content of the technical talks is to understand the drawings and ask the supplier to meet the requirements. Or for some size detection instruments defined. Define key dimensions, and so on. Some companies will have the relevant documents to support. Request to complete the cumbersome form and so on.

4, internal consent

This step is mainly in the comprehensive offer, review, technical talks on the basis of a decision, from the original selection of several suppliers in the initial decision to choose who will be issued within the official form to inform the corresponding department. Non-global companies this step is the final result.

5, Global Resource Conference

This step for the multinational companies, when the initial resolution set, the general will engage in a global resource meeting, inform the situation, so that the final decision to choose the same time, but also for foreign companies to provide information, global procurement.

6, quality planning

When the supplier is determined, the supplier quality engineer will preside over a quality pre-planning meeting, equivalent to APQP. The supplier will work with your relevant person in charge to determine the project process, define the mileage schedule, important product characteristics,Automobile Parts control elements, etc., such as when to complete the mold repair, production line layout, when to complete the potential effectiveness of the model analysis, , When to complete PPAP and so on. Requirements for a size CPK and so on.

7, technical meetings, measurement discussion

This step is a lot of supplier quality engineers for the trouble, generally with the sixth step at the same time, the latter or not, in the third step to complete. Specifically based on the complexity of the parts, the main discussion of the measurement aspects of the problem, whether the size of the size of the supplier to do so and so on. All in all, related technologies and measurements.

8, cross measurement

In order to avoid cross-sampling or PPAP sample measurement problems, some companies will conduct a comparative measurement, take a similar sample, according to the drawings to measure and save the data, and then compare the data, generally based on the principle of 10% tolerance, for more than 10% Size,Automobile Parts the two sides of the analysis of the data, equipment problems or measurement methods for the problem, a unified measurement method, the results obtained, to avoid future measurement problems.

9, Process FMEA Discussion

This step is mainly used by European companies, especially the German companies, because many German companies see FMEA as a technical secret, you can view but not submitted to the customer, only to submit a cover, so many German companies require a FMEA discussion, check your FMEA how to do, whether it is reasonable and so on.

10, process audit

In accordance with the quality of the first step in the sixth step plan, the supplier quality engineers will be based on this time schedule for the process of review, the specific audit time can be negotiated, if you can complete earlier than the plan can be done, based on your production line can No normal mass production, the audit is to check the quality of your product for the production of products, production processes can meet the requirements, the relevant documents are available, the product can scale production. Production capacity can meet the demand. In general will always be expected to carry out the entire process of shipping a systematic inspection. Normal production time is 2 days, at least 300 pieces. This data can be discussed, if your production is very fast, the number of short time, you can discuss for 4 hours of production. If your product is large, such as the engine,Automobile Parts you can talk with customers to produce less than 300 pieces of production. The production of the product after approval can be sent as a qualified product, but to indicate.

The process review supplier engineer will also send you a process review form and his time schedule in advance. The audit is normally conducted according to VDA6.3. After the completion of the audit, the general supplier of quality engineers within a week will send you the audit report and the need to improve the project, the audit whether the adoption of such information.

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