Automobile Parts The Importance Of The Car

- Jun 16, 2017-

Automobile Parts We have to go to the supermarket shopping experience, shoppers do not need to be familiar with the supermarket inside the goods, you can quickly and accurately complete the shopping. Into the supermarket, just need to see the logo to find the goods belong to the region, and then look at the logo to find the goods where the shelves, you can easily find their own needs goods. Similar goods are usually in the vicinity of the shelves, and the associated goods are usually in adjacent areas. Moreover, different operating locations of the same brand supermarket, its internal layout is almost the same, the same does not require shoppers familiar with the goods can be quickly and accurately completed the shopping. It was able to do this,Automobile Parts it is because the supermarket internal planning and product planning done well, marking eye-catching, clear guidelines.

In theory, if the warehouse can be the same as the supermarket to do the reservoir and commodity planning, even if the warehouse manager is not familiar with the goods, the same can enter the reservoir area quickly and accurately to complete the picking. And in fact, why the warehouse frequently appear these errors? Whether it can explain the planning and reservoir area is not clear enough, the goods are not clear about the rules? Or, in other words, if the planning of the reservoir area is clear and the rules of the goods are clear, then the warehouse picker should not appear or less. Therefore, the management of warehouses, good planning in advance of the reservoir area is an important prerequisite. Combined with the characteristics of vehicle parts and practical work experience,Automobile Parts personally think that the reservoir area planning should consider the positioning of the forward-looking, the layout of the functionality, the structure of goods, investment economy, operational effectiveness.

One is the official manufacturer of spare parts to sell their own products. Each depot has a large number of parts suppliers, supporting large demand but the price is very low pressure, aftermarket accessories higher profits naturally attractive to suppliers. Suppliers of self-selling accessories with their own packaging, logo, and number, it can only be called deputy factory. Sometimes in order to avoid restrictions on the depot will make some minor changes, such as the use of different parts, different colors, etc., a lot of ways. This kind of auxiliary parts and supply to the OEMs are in the same production line with the same craft produced, and is the factory is actually the same. If you can determine the official supplier of accessories,Automobile Parts through its formal channels to buy are generally more secure. Of course, there are suppliers of their own shoddy situation. Also have to pay attention to the same accessories sometimes have more than one supplier.

There is also a supplier of the same type of product manufacturers. May be a regular supplier of competitors, such as participation in the development but not by the depot selected,Automobile Parts or by the depot to change the supplier, the package can not do the aftermarket. Or suppliers of different depot systems, such as Honda and Toyota, respectively, have their own suppliers, there are a supplier around, accessories sometimes (slightly modified) can be universal, the quality is not bad. If you will pick this kind of sub-factory can also be found in the factory and the equivalent of products.

To the 4s shop will be almost, and may be found to the host factory found flaws, the need for simple repair, or the supplier found the quality of the factory flaws and so on. Many times the supplier's sales strategy is sold to the OEM factory and the price is low for the amount of money, and other sales links are relatively poor price (such as tires, and other consumer goods category). But these are the main engine factory developed by the parts, but also in the quality control system under the production of qualified parts are are factory parts.

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