Bigger Than The Real Hollow Sculpture!

- Jul 07, 2017-

Julian Voss-Andreae has been on fire since he created a very beautiful female sculpture with 3D printing and casting technology, and this will be put in the future of the Georgia Institute of Technology exhibition. The sculpture is bigger than his own.


According to Voss-Andreae introduction, sculpture is made by casting bronze, and this step is used in the mold is 3D printing. "It was because of the help of 3D printing that I could achieve a more liberal shape at the cost of traditional manual methods."


It is worth mentioning that the mold is made by the famous desktop 3D printing brand LulzBots team using LulzBots printer, the material for the conventional PLA, but the total time-consuming up to 10,000 hours. "After printing, we first painted the mold on the mold, so that the surface becomes more smooth, before they entered the ceramic mud.Finally, with the mud gradually hardened to form a shell, we burned the internal PLA. "

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