Cnc Processing Experience Several Common Machining Parts Overcut Reasons Explain

- Mar 27, 2019-

1. There are many reasons for the overcutting of workpieces in cnc processing. If the workpiece is overcut, the workpiece will be processed after repairing. If the workpiece is directly scrapped, especially when the large mold is processed, it is the most troublesome. Things, how to deal with it, I will share with you the work experience summarized in CNC machining.

2, if the machining part is overcut, if it is manually programmed, then it is forgotten to consider the tool radius in the programming, carelessly caused, if it is software programming, it may be the selected tool alignment, not tangency, these two programming The method will cause the workpiece to be overcut.

3, the machining part overcutting is also the tool selection fault, for example, the diameter of the 16mm milling cutter, the result is used as a 20mm milling cutter, although the naked eye looks 4mm difference, but the processed parts will be The whole is getting smaller. This requires careful inspection of the tool diameter before processing, and it is not a good luck.

4. Another reason for the overcutting of the workpiece is that the workpiece coordinate system is input incorrectly when the zero position is hit. It is necessary to remember to offset the radius value of a zero rod. The tool compensation input is faulty, the tool length and the tool radius compensation are all input correctly. If the length of the knife is 0.5mm, then the workpiece will be 0.5mm more. The large workpiece can not be used directly. The tool radius compensation is still considered before the negative tool compensation. If it is directly cut, it will also lead to The workpiece is overcut.


5. The above is the reason for the overcutting of several common machining parts. Others such as the looseness of the main shaft, the low precision of the ball screw will cause the cutting process to be over-cut. After the over-cutting, it is necessary to check the reason in time to prevent similar situations. occur.

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